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risa nakamura spring-summer 2023 unisex natural linen artisanal milano italia
  spring summer 23 Ms. FOUND IN A BOTTLE   
P8220420 3000PX copia2.jpg
“Ms. Found in a bottle”
Up to 2022, I have been making custom-made clothes one by one for my clients in Bergamo.
Making clothes to me is like writing a letter to my customers.
With this collection I started thinking about what I could do with special shops and their customers around the world.
Like unaddressed letters rolled up in a bottle, and thrown into the sea.
Where will they end up? Who will they reach? 
The collection began with the selection of yellow textiles, bright like nautical lights. It’s the same color of  my first collection : silk dress dyed in yellow.
Yellow is for me the color of light that illuminates the future.
This is my favorite silk and linen collection for everyday life.
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