Material : 100% cotton, white denim.

Buttons : handmade, coconut shell.

Belt : 70% merinos wool, 15% cashmere, 15% alpaca.

Item description : 2-tack wide pants. Front pockets.  Open with button. Handmade wool rope belt.


Characteristic : 2-tack wide pants.    washed treatment. Open  with button, not fastener.  Comes with removable rope belt.  The buttons are crafted and polished from coconut shell and handmade one by one in the atelier.  For reinforcement, a force button is attached to the back of belt button.

Belt is handmade with both ends closed,  about 2,5m in length.

©2020 Studio Zakuro
- Risa Nakamura -

Atelier in Bergamo, Italy