Material : outer material 100% wool, herringbone, blue and black, 

lining 100% cotton, gabardine, off-white

Buttons: handmade, coconut shell.


Item description : 2-tack wide pants.  4 pockets.  Front seam pocket, back flap pockets on both sides.  Suspenders that can be stopped with a button.  Open with button.  Cotton lining on suspenders' back, waist belt, pockets and hem.


Characteristic : 2-tack wide pants to be worn at low waist.    washed treatment. Open  with button, not a fastener.  Comes with removable suspenders.  Hems folding will reveal white cotton.  The buttons are crafted and polished from coconut shell and handmade one by one in the atelier.  For reinforcement, a force button is attached to the back of belt button. It is recommended when wearing a shirt and a medium to thick knit.

©2020 Studio Zakuro
- Risa Nakamura -

Atelier in Bergamo, Italy